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"No matter how busy i am, i always wear my underwear :)" - Tiffany

happy birthday, yoona ♥


Happy Birthday Yoona - Im Choding

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Such cute, much gasp


This broke my heart.  Only he knew what was about to happen.   Seeing his face like this I could feel how he was feeling.   I could feel the knot in his throat and in his chest.   It hurts to see him like this.  He knew that this was going to the be the last stage with his brothers.   The last time he would see his fans this way.  Kris you will always be in our hearts.  We will never let you go…  

make me choose: taeyeon igab era or himchan no mercy era (requested by anon)

happy 25th birthday sunny!


MBC ‘WGM’ S2 – Global Edition with Heechul in Hongdae [140509]

kyu’s adorable english